Why Men’s Fashion Is Critical To A Happy Social Life And Meeting The Girl Of Your Dreams In the 21st Century

April 11, 2018 2 Comments

Men’s fashion is the number ONE key element to getting good friends, positive attention, and the girl of your dreams in the Modern Society. Here are the reasons why:

Due to Technology, we are connected both Virtually (Internet) and Physically (Cars, Planes) in the modern society. We meet more people on a weekly basis than an individual in the 1800’s might in their entire lives. This abundance of people in our lives causes our human evolution nature to develop something called the "Personal Screening" process when meeting new people.

What is Personal Screening? Personal Screening is a set of self requirements/criteria when meeting new people. It's necessary when deciding whether you plan to spend more time with them. For example, if you own a business and you have a job opening, you would not have time to simply meet and talk to every SINGLE candidate that applies. Imagine you had to interview all the 200 candidates applying for the job. It would be a restless and low-value process as most of the candidates are not the right fit for the job and having them come in for an in-person interview would simply be a loss of time for both the business owners and the candidates.

Clothing comes in as a key elements in the Personal Screening process in modern society. It is impossible for anyone to thoroughly understand every single person they meet in their lives. Most of them are simply not a good fit and trying to understand every single person you meet would simply be a loss of time just like a job interview. Therefore, clothing is one of the key elements people use to identity who they might connect with and from there, they can take their time to understand the individuals that qualifies the Personal Screening.

This principal is also true when meeting the opposite sex. It is especially important for guys nowadays to have an outfit that is crisp, clean, and stylish in order to meet the girl of their dreams. Girls nowadays are meeting tons of new guys every single day. Whether it’s through friends, work, social life, or clubbing life. They are filtering through hundreds of men every single week. It is vital to have good style because it's impossible for a girl to have the time and patience to understand and communicate with every single guy they meet in their daily lives. Just like the job interview process, it is not the best process that we have but it is the one that makes the most sense. Not to mention that one of the biggest problem for girls is that there are too many creepy men out there trying to get them. You have probably seen this so many times in clubs, bars, or regular social life where men are just doing the most creepy SHIT to attract girl’s attention. You DO NOT want to be the guy that is screened out by your dream girl before you even had the chance to understand and communicate with her.

Research actually shows that one of the key reasons women love men with DOGS or any type of pets is because they use that as a form of Personal Screening. If a guy can take care of a dog or any other types of pets, then maybe they are not as creepy as the hundreds of other guys out there? Same principle goes for clothing. What girls want the most when meeting new guys is determining if they can have a normal conversion with them. Being well dressed and creative with the way you dress not only makes you more appealing, but also shows the girls that there is a higher probability that you are actually out there genuinely trying to meet new people. When’s the last time you saw someone with a clean bomber jacket, fresh joggers, and nice kicks but doing creepy stuff on the streets? It’s usually the guy with the loose jeans, ugly/weird T-Shirt, and hiking shoes that’s going around annoying the girls. The guys with the fresh bomber and kicks are usually the ones getting the attention simply because they passed the initial PERSONAL SCREENING. Obviously, we are not saying that all fresh dressed men are nice and genuine, but it’s definitely a lower chance those guys would be as creepy as your typical guy on the street harassing the girls.

Street wear, in comparison to any other form of style, can be the most expressive style out there. There is simply too much variety in street style through the combinations of tops, bottoms, hats, accessories, and kicks. Despite all these different forms of Street Wear Styles, the one common things is that they ALL look good. Having the style of your choice helps you meet the people you want to meet, the group you want hang with, and the girls that might become the girl of your dreams. Attracting the right people in your life is the most important element in a HAPPY Social Life in the 21st century!

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